The website was founded at the start of the dot com era. After the tragic incidents on 9-11 the Spirit of God began to prompt me to study the book of Daniel. After studying Daniel and realizing many of the numbers given in the book of Daniel represent days of years then I saw the need for a digital calendar to track time. I realized that God uses the natural cycles of the sun and moon to track time. This allows for the possibility of three different calendar systems in the Bible (lunar, solar, and lunar/solar). I also realized that Hillel's Hebrew calendar was not intercalated with the correct sequence of leap years. That inspiration gave birth to the Elijah Calendar which has undergone a number of improvements through updates since its conception. More recently I also realized there are specific years in the history of Israel that God does not count in His calendar of redemption. The new Elijah calendar is currently working and has been since February 2017. Unlike Hillel's calendar the Elijah calendar is based on the conjunction of the new moon. The new Elijah calendar also places all leap months after Elul except in year 17/19 where there is an option to place it after Adar or Elul. It is believed by this author that the Elijah calendar is based on the ancient Hebrew calendar used by the Israelites before they departed Egypt with Moses. The historical writings of Josephus indicate that God only changed the order of the months (after departing Egypt) for a new Levite calendar but the civil year calendar was still used by the Jewish people. This website proves that Hillel's calendar was not the calendar used when the Israelites came out of Egypt. After ten years of research with the Elijah calendar I have also concluded the current prophecy teachings espoused by almost every Christian television minister is either filled with half truths or in gross error. For example, the current teachings on almost every Christian television network teach that Daniel's 70th week will be fulfilled in the future. This website proves beyond a shadow of doubt that Daniel's 70th week has already been precisely and completely fulfilled. The reason for this gross error is because they use a 30 day calendar to interpret Bible prophecy ( a great deception).
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